Alx Luke

Alx Luke is a Pop Singer/Songwriter and Cirque Aerial Artist based in Los Angeles, California. It’s amazing in how many different ways we can express ourselves, for me it was music and songwriting first but it wasn’t enough! Then I found another passion of mine – CIRQUE… Since I started doing arial circus I felt complete. Whatever was going on in my head or my heart I would always put it down on a piece of paper but since I discovered an aerial cirque world, my body can express those vulnerable emotions too and that’s why I feel free physically and emotionally. Alx Luke is a kinda artist who loves to surprise his audience, give them something fresh and breath taking…”GO BIG or GO HOME” this is my philosophy behind whatever I do in my life.



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Infectious Love

By Alx Luke
Release date:

At the age of 21, Alx Luke started working with multiplatinum hip-hop producer Richard YoungLord (Notorious B.I.G., P. Diddy, Beyonce). From the day one Alx was writing his own songs and that’s how you can hear the evolution of his creativity in his songs. Later on when he was noticed by Jive Records, Alx Luke started co-writing his music with top songwriters in US who worked on many worldwide hits. Working with songwriters like Makeba Riddick (Rihanna, Destiny’s Childs, Eminem), JHart (Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth), Keli Nicole (Beyonce) to name a few, allowed him to grew as a songwriter and as an artist and made that transition from bubble gum Pop into Urban Pop.

Back in 2015 Alx Luke was noticed by AnR and star-maker Chris Anakute who introduced him to Alx’ current producer Rykeyz (Ne-Yo, Keyshia Cole, Justin Derulo). And that’s when the major changes happened  In 2016 Alx Luke released his debut Single and Music Video for it – “Infectious Love”. In the music video he was able to combine Dancing and Aerial Cirque for the first time. This song was his first Pop Rock record that was already on an edgier side. 

The huge transformation in Alx’ creativity happened in 2017 in his appearances and music. He released 2 completely different new songs and made videos for them too. One of the songs was “Black Diamond” which showed Alx Luke’ vulnerable side. The music video is really beautiful and simple and audience is able  to see Alx’ inner world. 

The other song was “Tainted Love” and that one was the biggest single for Alx yet. This song has a very sexy, dark vibe and the music video for it is absolutely piece of art. The video is really seductive and dynamic. It has so many stunning elements like performing on Dance Trapeze and making Contortion Shapes with his body and being powerful at the same time. Also, it has a lot of Dance Elements with fans that gives you that oriental sexy vibe. With that strong vision it’s clear to see that Alx is creating his own path in the music industry.

Currently, Alx is moving into a new chapter of his artistry and planning to release his new single this Summer and gives you something that you won’t expect…